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How to Sell Runescape Gold with RSGoldRush

1) Decide how much RS Gold you wish to sell.

2) What payment method are you looking for?

3) Contact our Live Support and ask for a quote.

4) Arrange delivery in-game, provide us your payment details...

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How to Sell OSRS gold with RSGoldRush

1) Similar to how to sell runescape gold; login OSRS runescape and decide how much to sell

2) Contact our 24/7 live-chat service to arrange sale of your OSRS gold

3) Tell the agent how much OSRS gold you wish to sell

4) Receive a price quote on your OSRS gold

5) Get paid!

Why Sell Runescape Gold

Selling Runescape gold is an easy way to translate virtual wealth into real world wealth. Rsgoldrush offers a large variety of payment methods allowing RS players to transfer their Runescape gold into real world cash. Simply contact our live-chat and we will help you complete this transfer. After several years of being in this industry we can assure you a seamless transfer when you wish to Sell Runescape Gold to us.

Why Sell OSRS gold

OSRS gold can be gained through staking, bossing, pking and many other ways; it is more popular then RS3 gold and is often easier to sell due to that fact. We offer a large variety of payment options that can help enrich you in real life in exchange for your OSRS gold.

What Payment Methods are Available?

There are several ways that RSGoldRush can pay you for your OSRS and RS3 Gold. RSGoldRush supports Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptos. We can often make bank transfers for larger sells as well, all around the world. If you are a bulk RS Gold seller, you've come to the right place. We have you covered.

Is RSGoldRush a Legitimate RS Gold Site?

We understand that you may be nervous if you are new to our website. We know you have worked hard to earn your ingame items, and you need to be careful when transacting online. That is why we have compiled a wide array of unbiased reviews, from people just like you, on our Trustpilot Page. Have a look and put your mind at ease by reading hundreds of positive experiences from our growing list of customers.

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