OSRS Max Main Rentals

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Rental Terms of Service

1. If you do not collect your deposit within 1 hour you will forfeit your deposit.

2. No turning private off or removing whip from account

3. No hopping worlds

4. Rsgoldrush and its affilates are not liable if your banned during a stake or rental period for any loss of gold, items, status, and other things that may have monetary value

5. Do not steal the whip

6. Rsgoldrush is not responsible for any disconnects or other game issues or problems that may result in the loss of gold, items or other things of value

7.No refunds; set amount of time

8.No Breaking RS rules

9. No streaming/Comm staking

10. No changing display name

11. No removing things you didnt put there yourself on the account

12. NO sharing the account information with anyone outside yourself

13. We are not liable for any bans during gold transfers if requested either on the main, your account, or our accounts, if our accounts get banned you must repay us any loss.

14.. Remain in W302 Duel Arena only

15. If any social media logins or links are on the accounts you agree you are responsible for noticing and removing them before transferring wealth onto the account. Rsgoldrush will not be liable for any gold lost to the accounts being recovered by someone outside rsgoldrush through social media/email linkages.

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If your looking to rent max mains for old school Runescape Rsgoldrush is capable of fulfilling this wish. We offer safe OSRS accounts at excellent rental prices. We also offer OSRS accounts for sale among other things as-well.

Rent OSRS staker account

We offer competitive pricing for anytime you wish to rent OSRS staker accounts from Rsgoldrush with our 24/7 support team.

How to Rent OSRS accounts

1) Input amount of hours you wish to rent the OSRS max main

2) Contact live-chat to arrange your Rental

3) Pay for your OSRS max main rental through OSRS gold or another payment option via site.

That's it! Easy 3 step process.

OSRS max main rentals

OSRS staker accounts

We now offer these services to customers that are looking to rent these types of stakers; we have thousands of reputation on various reputation sites and forums. There is no risk associated with renting OSRS accounts from us due to our reputation; your gold and money are safe with RSgoldrush.

Loyalty Program

Join our Loyalty system and earn amazing perks like life-time customer discounts; daily scratch cards; Priority support and more; our loyalty system consists of four tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.