Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you have reputation at?

We have reputation on Sythe,Trustpilot, Osbot, Powerbot and more.

2. What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal, G2Apay, Skrill, Cryptocurrency, Zelle, Interact and over 50 others. Contact live-chat for further information.

3. Do you require photo ID?

Depends on the situation and total purchase amount; for larger amounts we are required by law to obtain KYC(Know your customer) information. This information is never shared or stored on our database.

4. Is my payment information safe?

Yes, we utilize 256 bit SSL encryption and none of your payment information is ever seen or shared to us or to anyone else outside the respective payment processor you choose.

5. Do you buy accounts?

No, at this time none of our companies buy accounts in any form.

6. Can I work for Rsgoldrush?

At this time we are not hiring, sorry!

7. What is KYC?

KYC = Know your customer. It is a Legal mandate that requires digital websites to obtain KYC information such as Photo Identification, Proof of Address, Proof of receipt, Proof of payment and other KYC documents that may be needed in an attempt to prevent digital fraud. If you are not comfortable providing these documents, please contact live-chat to discuss alternative payment options and methods.

8. What are my chances of getting banned?

Virtually none, we have never had a customer be banned when buying from us.

9. How long do Refunds Take?

Refunds normally take less then 10 minutes for them to be issued on our side, based on how you purchased the refund may take up to 28 business days for the refund to appear on your Paypal account, Card statement or other refundable method. Normally however it is 3-5 business days.

10. How do I pay via Credit Cards?

Please select one of the credit card options at checkout.

11. How much are your guys payment fees at checkout?

They range from 0% to 9% depending on the payment option chosen upon checkout. These fees allow us to process high risk methods we may otherwise might not be able to.

12. What payment options do you pay for OSRS and RS gold for?

If you wish to sell OSRS gold or Sell RS gold to us we will pay you through BTC.

13. Where is Rsgoldrush Located?

Rsgoldrush has locations in Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Colombia and United States. Our main bases of operation are Canada, Colombia and Hong Kong where we have physical offices, while our other locations are merely physical addresses for operational purposes. These purposes allow us to offer higher quality service to our customers through mutual parties.


We will answer any questions you have regarding our website or process's here.