OSRS money Making

OSRS money Making

OSRS Money Making

Looking to do OSRS money making? You've come to the right guide. In this guide we will explore (3) examples of OSRS money making that can be completed to help you make osrs gold easily.

OSRS money making Method 1: Lizardman Shamans with Cannon (2M+/Hourly)

Cannoning Lizardman shamans can be a great way to make OSRS gold. They drop the coveted Dragon Warhammer which is worth between 45M-60M in-game. At a drop rate of 1/5000 this coveted drop breaks down to roughly 25 hours per Dragon Warhammer on average as the average killers per hour with a cannon and good gear is 160-200 kills per hour. This breaks down to an amazing 2M/hour as a semi-afk cannoning method that you can do tons of OSRS money making. These can be found on the Shayizen battlefield on Zeah in Old School Runescape. Make sure you look up a guide to them if you decide to try to method! Their very easy though.

OSRS money making Method #2: Mining Gem Rocks(500k+/hourly)

Mining gem rocks sounds like an odd one, however these rocks coupled with the new OSRS gem bag allowing easy access to more gem space and easier clicking and smoothness allow you to tick some amazing profit per hour. According to the wiki the average gem rock is worth 600 gp per rock you mine; however the wiki has not been updated to include the rate you can mine rocks and store them with the new gem bag. MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A GLORY AS IT INCREASES ROCK MINE RATE by 200%! If we consider you mine a OSRS gem rock every 5 seconds thats 12 rocks/minute or 7.2k/minute x 60 =432k an hour with minimal requirements and thats WITHOUT the new gem bag factored in. With the gem bag, a good pick and a glory you are able to get upwards of 500k+ hourly and can reach as high as 700k if your extremely good at tick mining. This is a method that has low requirements and extremely profitable, truly a fantastic way to do make gold on old school runescape.

OSRS money making method #3: Buy bonds before the 1st, 15th and 30th of each month

Buy bonds before the 1st, 15th and 30th of each month! Statistically this has been a money maker for a few hundred thousands OSRS gold per bond for a long-time, these days of the month are the days that are most often seen bonds redemption used, meaning demand is slightly higher these days then the rest of the month(likely due to the fact people are used to paying their bills in real life on these days). A glance at any OSRS grand exchange chart will show you a slight spike during these days unless something dramatic has happened such as a new update or something that temporarily skews bond prices, you can consistently make more money in the long-term by buying on the "off" days and selling when bond demand peaks, the 1st, 15th and 30th of each month respectively.

Posted 1 year ago