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Account Rentals

Welcome to RSGoldRush, your home for Runescape Gold and other related services. You found this article because you are looking to rent an Old School RS Staking Account. Am I right? If so, you're in the right place. If not... you're probably lost :(

What is a Staking Account?

An OSRS Staking account has maxed combat stats in-game, and is used to stake other players in the Duel Arena. This is done on the popular W302 (the unofficial dueling server). A staking account comes with some important items as well. Most importantly, it includes an Abyssal Whip. This allows you to compete in Whip stakes, which are among the most popular forms of Staking.

For more information on staking and the duel arena, please refer to the article in the OSRS Wiki found here.

Renting vs. Buying an OSRS Account

So why should you rent an OSRS Staker instead of buying one? Well, that's really up to you. The most...

Posted 3 months ago

Osrs Quest

Osrs Quest


Looking for questing services? We can do all quests in OSRS. Whether you're looking to get barrows gloves on your account, mith gloves on your pure, or a quest cape, we've got you covered.

We offer some of the most competitive osrs questing prices. All osrs quests are completed by hand by our specialized team. With years of experience, we can do it all.

Contact our live chat and we'll be happy to give you a price...

Posted 9 months ago

Buy OSRS Gold with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy OSRS Gold with Credit Card or Debit Card

Buy OSRS Gold with Credit or Debit Card

RSGoldRush is accepting credit card and debit card payments from all customers using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If you're looking to buy OSRS Gold using your credit card, you've come to the right place.

Why buy OSRS gold via RSGoldRush?

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Posted 10 months ago

Buy Old School Runescape Accounts

Buy Old School Runescape Accounts

[h]Buy Old School Runescape...

Posted 11 months ago

Rent OSRS accounts

Rent OSRS accounts

Rent OSRS accounts

Renting OSRS accounts can be simply and easy to complete your desired OSRS task. We offer max mains for rent at reasonable hourly rates that you can find the details ofat https://www.rsgoldrush.com/rent-osrs-account

Our max main rental service is simple and easy to use with our 24/7 friendly service agents.

Why rent OSRS accounts

Why would you want to rent an OSRS account? There is a large variety of reasons

*No need to train your own OSRS max main account

*Renting OSRS accounts is safe and easy

*Cheap OSRS accounts are for rent that allow you to save time and money

*Security - Our rented accounts are all owned by Rsgoldrush and completely safe

*Already prepared - You'll login with a Tent whip and DDS ready to go with membership

*Bonded - Ready to Go

*Many other reasons

There is no reason why you should not choose rsgoldrush.com for your OSRS max main rental or OSRS account rental needs. Contact live-chat today to rent an OSRS max...

Posted 11 months ago

Safe Places to Buy RS gold

Safe Places to Buy RS gold

Safely buy RS gold

If your looking to safely buy RS gold with someone; there is a dedicated website to finding these types of sellers locatedat https://rsgilded.com/ who offers a large variety of website listings for runescape gold websites that allow buyers to compare prices and the service of various gold sites with one another and pick their favorite runescape gold website. We are confident telling our website visitors about this website because Rsgoldrush is the #1 Runescape gold selling website on the market; we offer extremely competitive pricing on OSRS gold, 24/7 support, a loyalty system to earn cash back, a referral system where our customers make a ton of money and we are always stocked with RS gold.

Top Runescape Gold Selling Website 2020

Rsgoldrush offers several bonuses to our customers and we have been voted the top RS gold site to safely buy rs gold for 2020.

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Buy Runescape...

Posted 12 months ago

OSRS money Making

OSRS money Making

OSRS Money Making

Looking to do OSRS money making? You've come to the right guide. In this guide we will explore (3) examples of OSRS money making that can be completed to help you make osrs gold easily.

OSRS money making Method 1: Lizardman Shamans with Cannon (2M+/Hourly)

Cannoning Lizardman shamans can be a great way to make OSRS gold. They drop the coveted Dragon Warhammer which is worth between 45M-60M in-game. At a drop rate of 1/5000 this coveted drop breaks down to roughly 25 hours per Dragon Warhammer on average as the average killers per hour with a cannon and good gear is 160-200 kills per hour. This breaks down to an amazing 2M/hour as a semi-afk cannoning method that you can do tons of OSRS money making. These can be found on the Shayizen battlefield on Zeah in Old School Runescape. Make sure you look up a guide to them if you decide to try to method! Their very easy though.

OSRS money making Method #2: Mining Gem Rocks(500k+/hourly)...

Posted 1 year ago